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Today I have the Brazilian pro player Surg TS back on the channel sharing this OP deck that he used to reach 8K trophies! This is ultimately a miner control deck with the added bonus of three spells that should be used defensively and offensively throughout the match. You have so many options to help gain tower damage throughout the match, the miner can be used to chip away, wall breakers are great for applying pressure and forcing your opponent to respond immediately and you also have your spells which can be used later game to end the match. Use your one elixir units to help make positive elixir trades on defence or to support your inferno tower.

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Miner is a good unit to use to help chip away at the opponents towers throughout the match. Use him to tank tower damage for your wall breakers in double elixir. If you know what units your opponent has in cycle you can pair this guy with poison to get extra chip and also some good spell value. I only recommend using poison on offence in double elixir. If knight is out of cycle you may need to use this card on defence or help protect your towers.

Inferno Tower

Inferno tower is the main defensive unit inside this deck, it works great against tanks, hog rider, ram rider, battle ram etc. Use it to kite units into the centre of the arena. Even if the opponent has earthquake or zap this card can still stop a full HP hog rider.


Rocket is your heavy spell that will mainly be used on defence in single elixir, then in double elixir you can start to use it offensively if you can get spell value or in over time when you should begin to spell cycle. Learn what damage your spells do especially when they’re paired together to avoid losing a match by one or two hp. This card can be used to defend against balloon, sparky and it can also shut down ice golem pushes that have hog rider, ram rider or mini pekka behind it.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays you can split the wall breakers in the middle to apply dual lane pressure, you can also send in the miner. I recommend using the miner and wall breakers in single elixir to keep up the pressure then in double elixir you can start to use your spells to support your pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck gives you the versatility to be annoying and keep up the pressure during double elixir and be able to finish off their towers by spell cycling towards the end of the match. Try to control your opponent by using your miner and wall breakers to force them to spend elixir on defence, you might need to switch lanes if they play a tank in the back. In over time and triple elixir is the time when you can begin spell cycling if their tower isn’t already in spell range. Goodluck with this deck check out the video to see some live gameplay!

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