Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Flobby back on the channel sharing one of my favourite golem decks right now. This classic style beat down deck is extremely strong on defence because of the dark prince and you also have the synergy of the ice wizard and tornado combo. You should play this deck defensively and slowly build up an elixir advantage, then you can play golem at the bridge in front of your counter push units in double elixir. Night witch and baby dragon are two of the best support cards for the golem, so on your counter push try to play these units as quickly as possible. Always switch up your defensive sequences to make it harder for your opponent to make prediction plays.

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Golem is your main tank inside this deck his recent buff means his death damage is increased but the golemite death damage is reduced. I prefer to wait until double elixir before playing this card unless you get w good opportunity in single elixir. Against lava hound decks try to stack up your main air defence units and good spell value with your lightening.

Dark Prince

Dark prince works so well in this meta because of its shield mechanic and it’s splash damage. The splash damage works great against royal hogs which have a high use rate in the meta he always is great at defending against bait decks. His shield allows you to use him to tank a hit from pekka, prince, sparky or mini pekka.


Tornado has great synergy inside this deck. It can be used to pull units into the death damage of the golem, activate your king tower or pull a group of units together to allow your baby dragon or ice wizard to splash them all. Tornado + barb barrel is a great counter to the three musketeers if they have other units in cycle to tank damage from your lightening spell.

Early Stage Gameplan

You should wait for the opponent to make the first play, always defend throughout single elixir and work out what deck your opponent is playing. Aim to make positive elixir trades you can use your lightening if you can make a positive elixir trade. Only play your golem if your against another beat down archetype and you’ve just successfully defended a push. I recommend trying to activate your king tower as early as possible, this is particularly important against hog rider, bait and graveyard decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you will often have match up advantage against most decks. You should still play patiently and defend until you have a good counter push opportunity. Have your spells ready to support your push and always take any spell value your opponent gives you.

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