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Today I’m sharing this triple barrel deck that is not only great fun to play but it is also incredibly strong! Today’s pro is shadow who is an asset to the community and it’s a pleasure to have him on my channel. Don’t forget to check out the video to see Shadow playing live inside a grand challenge using this deck. The goblin barrel and the skeleton barrel are your main units you will use to apply pressure throughout the match. They are both log/spell bait cards. A barbarian or the canon cart are both good tanks you can rely on inside this deck. Hunter will be your main defence against tanks and also units like balloon or hog rider.

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Cannon Cart

Canon cart can offer a lot of value for only five elixir and it’s long range allows you to use it defensively, while keeping it out of spell range to your towers or other units, then you can counter push with this card. Its range also allows you to defend from the opposite lane or from behind your princess towers. Try to protect this card and keep it alive, in cart form, for as long as possible.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton barrel is probably the most played unit that shadow uses throughout the match. He will use it as a cycle card in the back in single elixir and at the bridge in double elixir. Use this card to bait out their spell then use the goblin barrel afterwards. Remember you can split lane push if required too. You can also use this card on defence to prevent a unit locking onto your princess towers.

Barbarian Hut

Try to stack up his card as much as possible in single elixir or before you start to set up for a big push. The barbs can be used as a meat shield for any of your barrel cards and they can also be used to force your opponent to use a spell or defend the opposite lane. Playing it four tiles from the river is the best placement.

Early Stage Gameplan

For opening plays you can start out with any of the barrels at the bridge to apply pressure while also cycling through your cards. I recommend focusing mainly on defence throughout single elixir and slowly building up an elixir advantage. Try to cycle back to barb hut as quickly as possible then once you’ve played it you can rely on it for defence if you get a counter push opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to ramp up the pressure with your barrels and you can even apply dual lane pressure to make it more difficult for your opponent to defend. Try to stack up your barb huts defensively because they’re great for clogging up a whole lane! Take all poison value you can if you can use it to chip away at the opponents tower too. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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