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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by this guide that I'm sharing today! Please check out the video to see my playing live inside a grand challenge. I really like this deck because the defensive combo of the Valkyrie and musketeer is incredibly strong and they both provide a solid counter push opportunity. The skeletons, heal spirit and snowball can be used to cycle back to the units you require to defend or apply pressure, as you improve with this deck you should aim to get as much value from these units as possible. The heal spirit and skeletons can both be used to pig push past defensive buildings. The two spells in this deck will mainly be used to support your hog rider throughout the match, if you're against an air deck you may need to use the snowball to knock back balloon or inferno dragons.

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Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main win condition and should be used to apply pressure throughout the match. Because this is a cycle deck you will need to keep switch lanes to stop your opponent building up a huge push against you. Offence is definitely the best defence, especially against heavy decks like golem or lava hound. This guy can also be used to kite units away from your towers, this works well against inferno dragon, ghost, knight etc.


Valkyrie is solid defensive unit that can act as mini tank for your counter push. She is great against bait, graveyard, royal hogs and also bridge spam decks. I will often use my cycle cards just to get back to this card when I'm expecting my opponent to apply pressure.


Musketeer is a great support card to use, she is also you main air defence so against air decks you will need to cycle back to her as quickly as possible while applying opposite lane pressure with your other units. Try to protect her and keep her alive for as long as possible throughout the match, you can see in the video I win a match just because I have two full HP musketeers down.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays with this deck you can start out with a hog rider at the bridge or you can cycle to him using any of your cycle cards. Never use you musketeer until you know what deck your opponent is playing. When applying offensive pressure in single elixir I try to never use more than three elixir to support my hog unless I already have surviving troops to support the hog rider. Keep switching lanes if you need to, this will force you opponent to split their elixir and prevent them building up a counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you're in double elixir you can begin to support your hog rider a lot more with your spells and your other units. Remember to protect your musketeer and keep her alive as long as possible. Cycle as quickly as you can while getting maximum value from your one elixir cards. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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