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Its been almost six months since I last shared a level one deck on this channel and today I’m excited to welcome back game over to my channel who has once again claimed the world record for the highest trophies using only level one cards. If you choose to try this out then please be aware it’s definitely a new challenge and it requires a lot of patience to play. Your main aim is to defend, you will often have to over defend because your towers can’t even one shot a skeleton or a bat. So the best game plan is to defend and slowly build up a huge counter push to overwhelm your opponent. If you’re looking for a more free to play friendly deck then check out this link

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I like the princess in this deck because she can offer a lot of value for only three elixir, try to stack her up and protect her from the opponents troops as much as possible. Unfortunately she will die to zap or snowball but you can use this to your advantage by bait in our their spells so you can use your sparky or skarmy as required. Play her in the other lane to avoid giving your opponent to much spell value.


Lumberjack should be shed as much as possible because his rage spell can help your units win the battle at the bridge and also allow sparky and inferno dragon to charge up quicker. His speed makes him a good defensive option as well.

The Log

Log will mainly be used to help protect your units while also getting some small tower chip damage. If you’re against bait decks you will need to save this card for their goblin barrel.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait for your opponent to make the first play, you need to be patient with this deck! Never give your opponent spell value, so always space your your defensive troops as much as possible and use the princess in the opposite lane. Try to build up a counter push that can overwhelm the opponent, learn what deck they’re playing and use the right support cards as required. I recommend having the lumberjack down so when he dies he can rage up the rest of your units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir can be tricky, you’re often holding out for that one counter push so defend as much as possible and try to get maximum value from all your units. Check out the video to see ladder game play from Game over!

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