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Today I’m happy to welcome back thunderstruck onto the channel today sharing this graveyard deck. His main tip for using graveyard is to be patient when using this deck, the main way you will win is by counter pushing. Often you will only need one successful counter push to take a tower and win a match. Against lava hound decks you have the electro wizard, mega minion and baby dragon for defence, you should use these guys to counter push with after a successful defence. The barb hut can be used to kite the balloon if required too. Against bait archetypes you basically just need to defend in single elixir and take any spell value you can. Wait for a good counter push and have poison ready to support your push. Never allow the opponent to build up princess’ I recommend poisoning her and saving the barb barrel to counter their goblin barrel. If you’re up against x-bow you will need to use the barb hut as much as possible to tank damage, use your spells to help defend and counter push when you can.

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Graveyard is your main win condition and should only be used once you have a good amount of counter push units heading towards their tower. This card has great synergy with the poison, however you should only pair them together when you know you can get good value from using your poison spell. For the best graveyard position check out the video at 10:25. Knight or baby dragon are the best units to have tanking tower damage.

Barbarian Hut

Barb hut is an unusual card to see inside a graveyard deck, it can be used to kite units like balloon, hog rider, battle ram etc. It can also act as a poison bait card. This can is a good opening play and can be played when you don’t have another good play to make.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard is one of my favourite cards in the game, it’s enter the arena ability and his stun mechanic makes him extremely versatile on defence and means he is also a great support card for your other units. He can help you win the battle at the bridge and keep your other units alive for as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you must play passively and learn what deck the opponent is playing, try to build up a good elixir advantage and punish the opponent if you get a good counter push opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you can begin taking advantage of your counter push units and even using your spells to support your graveyard. You can poison cycle if they have a lot of counters providing you can get their towers down to around 800HP. Goodluck with this deck, don’t forget to check out the video for some great pro tips.

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