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Today we have Makarious on the channel who has only ever spent $20 on the game effectively making him (mostly) free to play! This deck has two win conditions which makes it great for playing against a variety of archetypes while also been able to keep up constant pressure when needed. The double goblins and double minions gives this deck a spell bait element, you should also try to avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value, especially early on in the game. Fireball bait decks can be tricky to go against, however if they have the magic archer make sure you try to take him out with bats or gang and then counter push with these units, remember troop cards have counter push potential but spells don’t. If the opponent has arrows you should never play your hoard unless your confident you can count cycle their deck. Against golem it’s important to learn what spells they’re running, if they have log you can pressure opposite lane with hog and bats as soon as they play their golem. You will need to use the mortar defensively against golem decks, use your spells against their support cards and try to get as much spell value as possible. Against lava hound decks you should pressure opposite jaw with hog and gang to force them to spend elixir defensively, if they support their hound with balloon then play mortar same lane at the bridge, this will allow the balloon to pass in front of the hound allowing your towers and bats to stop the balloon. Against log bait decks you can’t allow the opponent to stack up pricness’ you must use either the horde or mortar to take her out. Pressure opposite lane with the hog and always have zap ready to counter their goblin gang. I prefer to use mortar defensively against bait archetypes, especially if they have rascals or canon cart. Against x-now decks always play same lane as your opponent and use defensive mortars throughout the match. Hog will be your main win condition in this matchup.

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Hog Rider

Hog rider is one of two win conditions inside this deck. He can be used to apply opposite lane pressure and force a response from your opponent. You can support him with goblins or bats depending on what small spell your opponent is playing.


Mortar is another win condition inside this deck, this card can be used defensively to distract any push coming your way or it can be used at the bridge to help chip away at the opponents tower if you can successfully get it to lock on. All you need in once mortar shot to ensure your getting good elixir value. You should only mortar at the bridge when you know your opponent is low on elixir or you’re trying to bait out a defensive unit from their deck.


Fireball is a solid spell to have inside any deck, it’s knock back ability allows you to reset charging units including inferno dragon and also knock back balloons, hogs, royal hogs, battle ram etc. It can be used in conjunction with zap to kill medium range HP units including musketeer and wizards. You can use this card later game to make prediction spell placements in order to support your hog rider.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with spear goblins at the bridge or a hog rider. Learn what deck they’re playing and try to make positive elixir trades whenever possible. Don’t over commit on your pushes however you should be able to control the tempo of the match by using both your win conditions.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can begin to support your offensive units a lot more, you can use your spells or even apply dual lane pressure if you’re struggling to break through one lane. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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