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Today we welcome Qasim onto the channel who’s sharing his OP skeleton barrel deck that is been used be pro players in challenges and on ladder. This deck also has the goblin hut which is extremely strong right now, this deck has a bait element with it because if the skelly barrel, dart goblin, bats and the goblin hut. The knight, miner and barb barrel can all be used to tank tower damage for your squishy units. Try to avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value, the majority of your units will die to small or medium spells so be careful! This deck also has the miner poison combo which can be lethal in double elixir. The #1 rule for this deck is that a good offence is the best defence.

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Miner can be used to snipe ranged units including the princess, magic archer, dart goblin or musketeer. His main role in this deck however is to chip away at the opponents towers and also tank damage for the skelly barrel or bats. He can be used opposite lane to apply pressure when you need to force a response from your opponent to avoid them building up a huge push in one lane.

Goblin Hut

This card is not only card to use as an opening play but it can also be used throughout the match when you don’t have another good play to make. If you’re up against bridge spam, balloon, hog rider or beat down decks you can rely on this card to kite units into the centre of the arena while using your other cards to apply opposite lane pressure.


Bats will be your main defensive unit against air decks. If you’re up against lava hound you need to apply opposite lane pressure as soon as they place their tank, you can then use goblin hut to kite the balloon (if they have it) and try to cycle back to a second set of bats. Dart goblin can support your towers but make sure you keep him out of spell range to your other cards. They also have great synergy with the miner or knight if you need to apply opposite lane pressure quickly.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays you have so many options, I would personally hold on to bats just in case they rush opposite lane with balloon. You will often have the damage advantage in single elixir which is what you want, keep up the pressure by alternating you pushes between skelly barrel, bats + miner and dart goblin. Always counter push and try to stack up as many goblin huts as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

I’m double elixir you should still keep playing those goblin huts, keep up the pressure with your other units and keep switching lanes if required, especially against graveyard decks. Remember to use the miner poison combo on offence, if you have an elixir advantage you can split lane push or throw more units down to support the miner.

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