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Pekka bridge spam has been a stable archetype for a long time, it requires you to be able to control the tempo of the match and be able to counter push after a successful defence. Battle ram, ghost and bandit are great units to use to apply pressure at the bridge or to play behind your pekka after you’ve used her defensively. The poison can be used to help take out defensive buildings and it also useful against minion horde, three musketeers, elixir collector. In double elixir you can use it to defensive units including wizard, musketeer, princess etc. The best way to take a tower is to counter push behind your pekka however it’s also important to keep up light pressure throughout the match. For air defence you will mainly rely on the minions and electro wizard, use the bandit or ghost to protect the, from the opponents support cards and keep them alive for as long as possible.

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For only three elixir the bandit is a great support card for any counter push. She is also capable of dashing over the river which allows you to use her against ranged units like musketeer, dart goblin or magic archer. If your opponent plays a heavy tank in the back you should immediately use her in the opposite lane to force them to split their elixir between defence and offence.

Battle Ram

Battle ram can be used to tank a lightening spell and it can also be used to kite certain units into the opposite lane and away from your towers, this works well against pekka, dragons, ghost, knight etc. This card can be played at the bridge to apply pressure and force a response from your opponent.


Pekka should only be played when you can get defensive value from her, you can then counter push behind her or let her go down one lane and use your units in the other lane to apply dual lane pressure depending on what deck your opponent is playing. You should use e wiz and minions behind her to support her on offence and increase the chances of her connecting to the opponents towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start out the match with a ghost in the back or a bandit or battle ram at the bridge. Hold on to the pekka until you need her for defence, try to make positive elixir trades which you can then cash in on offensively. Against heavier decks you should focus on getting as much damage in single elixir as possible. If you’re against quick cycle decks you will mainly be defending throughout single elixir and aiming to take as little damage as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should start to ramp up the offensive pressure. It’s ok to keep switching lanes, this is particularly important against graveyard and also decks that have bowler or executioner. Goodluck with this deck everyone, check out the video for an hours long game play!

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