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Today we have Blizzard on the channel who is a South Korean pro player and he’s an absolute beast on ladder! In today’s video we’re following him live on ladder using this new deck that he’s having huge success with. This is basically a spell bait deck, you should aim to bait out the opponents small spell (zap, snowball, log) then you can go ahead and punish the opponent with your other spell bait cards. The inferno dragon can be used to bait out the zap spell or snowball. You can punish with the goblin gang or skeleton barrel. For defence the goblin hut can be used to kite units like hog rider or tanks into the centre of the arena. You will rely on the inferno dragon to help tank down tanks, balloons etc. You can also use it to defend a hog rider, if the opponent uses a small spell to support the hog rider you can then punish them on your counter push with the goblin gang or skelly barrel. Against heavy hitting units like pekka, prince or hunter you can place the goblin gang, against splash units ensure you surround their troops. Against air decks I like to use the goblin hut to kite, then you can use bats or inferno dragon to take out their troops.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight should only be played when you know you can get good defensive value from him, cycling him in the back can lead to your opponent rushing you opposite lane and taking your tower. He’s a great defensive option against the hog rider, Royale hogs, three musketeers and can also be used to take out support cards like wizards etc.


Miner will mainly be used to tank tower damage for the bats, goblins, skeleton barrel or inferno dragon. If you play this guy late you can reset the opponents tower with the zap to retarget it onto the miner. Against bait archetypes you might need to use this guy to snipe their princess or dart goblin. Remember to keep switching up his placement to make it harder for your opponent to predict where you’ve played him.

Skeleton Barrel

I used to say skeleton barrel was one of the most underrated cards in the game and finally it is one of the most used cards in he game. It’s a great card to use to pressure your opponent and force them to use a small spell. You can make it harder for the opponent to defend against by applying dual lane pressure, this will split their concentration and increase the chances of them using their spell to early. Early game it’s ok to use this card to distract or kite units, this works well against any of the dragon cards.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best starting play when using this deck is the goblin hut, however you can also use miner (in the safe spot) skelly barrel at the bridge or split goblin gang. I recommend saving your air defence until you know what deck your opponent is playing. Try to keep playing the goblin hut once you get it back in cycle. Try to control the tempo of the match by forcing your opponent play defensively. Against graveyard you will need to keep switching lanes to prevent your opponent building up a monster push.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir means you can start to apply dual lane pressure with this deck, you should know what spells your opponent has in their deck so try to bait them out or out cycle them. Keep stacking up those goblin huts because they help you defend as well as applying light offensive pressure and could also bait out a spell. Goodluck with this deck everyone! Check out the video to see one of the best players in the world using this deck!

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