Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today I’m excited to show this deck which is actually a hybrid between a bait deck and a bridge spam archetype. The rascals and canon cart are great tanks killer and you also have the bandit, canon cart and also the princess as pressure plays at the bridge. This is an aggressive deck which allows you to control the tempo of the match. The rocket can be used in single elixir to defend against those bigger pushes then in double elixir you can use it if your opponent ives you spells value, once you’re in over time you can use it to spell cycle against your opponent. Try to protect your defensive princess’ and keep her alive as long as possible, your main aim is to force the opponent to use a spell against her so you can punish them with the goblin barrel.

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Giant Snowball

Snowball can be used to help support your units on both defence and offence. It’s knock back ability means it can reset charging units like the ram rider, battle ram and it an also break an inferno dragons charge. It can also kill bats or skeletons and can defend against a minion horde or goblin gang with the assistance of your princess tower.

Cannon Cart

Early game canon cart should be used defensively and then used on a counter push. As you go in double elixir or over time your can start to play this card more aggressively as the bridge. Use its long range to your advantage on defence, it can be played opposite lane to defend against units and also kite flying units like the dragons or minions away from your towers.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel can be used throughout the match to keep up the offensive pressure and force your opponent to play defence rather than offence. Try to have your canon cart, rascal or bandit tanking tower damage. You can use a duke barrel if your opponent is playing log or if they have barb barrel then always play it to the left or right of their princess tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

For a good starting play you can use the goblin barrel, spear goblins, princess in the back or bandit at the bridge. Keep up the pressure throughout single elixir and you should to go into double elixir with a tower damage advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you it double double you can start ramping up the offensive pressure and even applying dual lane pressure if you’re struggling to break through their defence. Learn what damage your spells do and try to get their tower into spell cycle range. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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