Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

This is a crazy deck that consists of bridge spam, sparky and two of the strongest spells in the game right now. Earthquake is so strong because of the high use rate of spawner decks, it’s also great to use on defence because its slow ability works great against swarm units and also if the opponent has a big push coming your way. This deck also has two win conditions with the royal hogs and the sparky. The sparky can be used offensively and should be used aggressively on counter pushes, especially against lava hound. If you’re up against graveyard you should use the minions and snowball for defence and try to take down their tank ASAP. Use the royal hogs and bandit as your main pressure cards, heal spirit can be used to support the royal hogs against spells like fireball. Rascals can be used defensively and then you can counter push behind the boy rascal because he will act as a mini tank for the hogs. Remember to use the snowballs knock back ability to your advantage against units like hog rider, balloon, ram rider etc. It can also kill spear goblins, bats and skeletons.

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Sparky is a great tank killer and is also good on defence against swarms of troops. Playing it same lane as a spawner will mean she tanks tower damage while also been slowed down allowing you more time to save up elixir. If you’re against rocket never play this card behind your king tower because it’ll offer to much spell value.

Royal Hogs

Royal hogs are your main win condition in this deck however they will often require a lot of support unless you can catch your opponent when they’re low on elixir or without a good counter in Cycle. Heal spirit probably the best support card however you can also use snowball, sparky or earthquake depending on what your opponent uses defensively. Earthquake should be used to help take down buildings.


Rascals are capable of helping defend a variety of pushes and can also be used as a log bait card for the heal spirit. Counter push behind the rascal boy when you can.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play fairly passively and make positive elixir trades on defence and then counter push when you can. Use your earthquake against buildings like furnace, goblin hut, barb hut etc while getting tower damage. For opening plays you can us heal spirit, bandit or even royal hog (split them for the first play) at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should start using the sparky more aggressively to help keep your royal hogs alive or the defend against and counter push troops your opponent has. Use the earthquake more aggressively to help chip away at the opponents tower. Goodluck with this deck, check out the video to see if today’s pro can win a grand challenge live!

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