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Hey everyone today I'm bringing you guys this off meta graveyard deck that I shared in my most recent video. If you like the look of this deck please support me by liking the video and subscribing to my channel. The goblin hut is one of the strongest cards in the game right now and and be used to bait out spells like poison or log which can all be used defensively against your graveyard. It can also be used to kite units building targeting units (golem, giant, hog etc) Use this deck defensively and try to build up a good counter push, make sure your opponents key counters are out of cycle or they're low on elixir before you use the graveyard. Dark prince can be used to tank a pekka, prince or bandit charge. Freeze spell is best used as a surprise card when your is low on elixir, you can also use it defensively, especially against air decks if your ice wizard and baby dragon are out of cycle.

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Giant Skeleton

Giant skeleton is a great card that can be used as a tank for your graveyard after a successful defensive sequence. This card is also super strong on defence because his bomb is capable of taking out support cards that are stacked up behind a tank. Try to get as much value from him as possible by playing at the last possible second of defence, you can also use tornado to pull units into the death bomb.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard will be your main defensive tool against most of the opponents pushes. Ice wizard can be used to slow down an opponents tank which will buy you time to to deal with their support cards. Try to get as much value from this guy as possible when paired with tornado.


Graveyard is your main win condition inside this deck, check out the video to see the most optimal graveyard placements for maximum tower damage. Try to have a unit tanking tower damage early game, then in double elixir you can surprise the opponent with the freeze spell to end the game!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to play patiently and passively and try to make positive elixir trades, stack up goblin huts when you can. For starting plays you can play ice wizard, dark prince or goblin hut. Against lava hound, x-bow or mortar I prefer to try and tower trade as early as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir I still recommend waiting for that perfect counter push if you haven't already taken a tower. Have you freeze ready to support the graveyard as soon as the opponent plays a defensive units. You can start to apply opposite lane pressure with the dark prince or baby dragon as a tank for the graveyard if you can use a giant skeleton defensively in the other lane.

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