Griff_YT posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Hey everyone today I'm bringing you guys the #1 deck for 2v2 battles, this is a great deck to use along side random opponents if you're trying to collect your trophy road rewards or just enjoy playing playing 2v2. I used this deck with under levelled cards yet still won over 10 matches in a row with this deck. The main aim with this deck is to defend and then build up a good counter push and try to clone and rage as many units as possible to overwhelm both your opponents and take their towers down in a matter of seconds. The two spirits in this deck are great for cycling between cards however try to use them to support your pushes or to help defend your princess towers.

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Sparky is what will most likely get you the three crown victory, use it to help defend in single elixir then in double elixir you should use her more aggressively and pair her with the rage and clone spell. Use your spirits to support her as much as possible.

Giant Skeleton

Giant skeleton is your main tank inside this deck but he is also a great defensive weapon because his bomb can kill a lot of support troops in the game. In double elixir try to play him in front of your pushes along with the rage spell.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game access what deck your team mate is playing and remember what cards you have to support their win condition, eg ice spirit for hog rider. Use your tornado to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity. You won't be building up any huge pushes in single elixir unless your opponents makes a big mistake, just play passively, make positive elixir trade and support your opponents pushes while saving enough elixir to defend.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir all you need to do is build up a medium sized push consisting of sparky, giant skeleton ( and some of your opponents troops) then get good value spell placement with your clone spell then you can rage everything up. Good luck with this deck everyone and may the clash Gods be with you!

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