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Today I’m brining you guy the hottest new fisher man deck which is probably the strongest golem deck right now! Synergy Link is today’s pro and he was using this deck on top ladder last season before the fisher man got a buff! You shouldn’t tower trade like you would in a traditional golem, the fisher man provides you with enough defensive capability to be able to defend if the opponent pressures opposite lane. The idea of golem decks are fairly straight forward, you should use the golem to tank tower damage and stack up units behind him. The night witch is the best support card or the golem in the game, playing her first when setting up a push will give her more time to spawn bats making it more difficult for you opponent to defend. Dark prince can be used to help defend against heavy hitting units like the pekka or prince. His splash damage is also great at helping you defend against swarm cards. The two spells in this deck should be used to help make positive elixir trades which you can then cash in on offensively.

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Fisherman is a more reliable card to use to activate your king tower since the tornado nerf. He works great against heavy tanks for getting that king tower activation. You don’t need to tower trade like you would a traditional golem deck, fisher man helps you defend the opposite lane because you can easily respond to their their. Fisherman can be cycling in the back if you’re NOT against pekka, giant skeleton or golem. Use him to pull units into the centre of the arena so all three towers can assist on defending the push.


As I mentioned above golem is your heavy tank, you should only play him behind your princess towers if you know you have a good elixir advantage. Other than that try to defend with other units then play him at the bridge, or play your night witch behind your princess tower then place golem at the bridge. Remember this guy has death damage which can kills bats, skeletons or minions. His death damage can deal a ton of damage to the opponents towers too.

Mega Minion

For only three elixir this card can offer some incredible positive elixir trades because he’s heavy hitting and is able to help defend both ground and air units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to wait for your opponent to make the first play, allowing as much time as possible to pass until double elixir where this deck will be stronger because you can cycle through the deck quicker. Try to activate your king tower as early as possible by using the fisher, play passively and react to what your opponent does and only go aggressive with the golem if you’re mirroring a play or you have an elixir advantage. You will mainly use your spells on defence in single elixir, especially against quicker cycle decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should start ramping up the offensive pressure and also begin using your spells to support your pushes. Remember to try and avoid tower trading unless your towers HP is already fairly low. Try to support the golem as much as possible and ensure you get maximum value from your two spells.

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