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Today’s guest is an amazing pro player called Sam, this deck is incredibly strong against a wide variety of archetypes because it’s incredibly defensive while also having the offensive capability with the miner and wall breakers. This a fairly fast cycle deck so sometimes the best defence is a strong offence just like any fast cycle deck. You will mainly rely on the bomb tower and Valkyrie for defence along with your cycle units. Magic archer can be used to help defend from the opposite lane to avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value. Bomb tower can be used at the bridge or river to help defend against x-bow or to avoid prediction spells from your opponent. Use your cycle cards to distract and defend the opponents units,

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Use the miner throughout the match to keep up the offensive pressure and also tank tower damage for your bats or wall breakers. Ensure you change his tower placement throughout the match and don’t be afraid to use him defensively if you need to.

Magic Archer

Magic archer has finally got his range back which means he can be used to help chip away at the opponents towers with the correct tile placements. He’s definitely a high skill card so I highly recommend practicing with him as much as possible. Against heavy air decks try to stack this guy up as much as possible and try to avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value.


Valkyrie can be used a mini tank for the wall breakers after a successful defence. Use her along with your bats or skeletons to help stop the opponents pushes. She can also be used to protect the magic archer or bomb tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game is definitely important to learn what deck your opponent is playing while trying to control the tempo of the match. You can start out with splitting wall breakers, miner on their tower or cycling skeletons or bats. Try to get as much chip damage as possible, especially against heavy beat down decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you can start to use your magic archer more aggressively at he bridge to help chip away at their defensive units while also getting tower damage. Keep up the pressure with your miner and wall breakers. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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