How to play 2.9 X-bow like a pro!
Ash posted 11 months ago

I asked lemon tree if x-bow is better this season and he says it is so much stronger than it was before. 2.9 x-bow has been a strong deck for a long time and mastering it will help you under stand new card interactions and improve your overall game play. From watching lemon tree today one thing I see that he focuses on especially is his defensive power of the deck and using the one elixir units to make positive elixir trades. You can also use defensive x-bows to help defend those bigger pushes, try to cycle back to second x-bow to play aggressively so that your first x-bow can help support your second x-bow, this works well in mirror matchups and also against giant beat down decks. Both the spells in this deck have a knock back ability, the log works well against charging units like prince, ram rider, battle ram etc while the fireball can be used to knock back an inferno dragon or even a balloon.

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Ice Golem

Ice golem is a strong mini tank and his frost nova can be used to kill bats, skeletons or spear goblins. He can also be used on defence to kite units like pekka, mega knight, prince or ghost into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers. He can also be used to help protect your x-bow from defensive units, use him when you can plenty of support cards behind the x-bow.


Lemon tree will often use the archers behind his defensive units to help support his other defensive unit. They can be split to help defend both lanes when you don’t have another good play to make. They’re also a great starting play because you can split them in the back.


Tesla is a strong defensive building that is also great against pekka, protect it as much as possible with your skeletons and ice spirit. It can be used to kite units like hog rider, ram rider or battle ram into the centre of the arena so both towers can help defend. It can also be used along side the offensive x-bow to help keep the x-bow alive for as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play patiently and learn what deck your opponent is playing. If the opponent plays a heavy tank behind their towers then you can pressure opposite lane with the x-bow, you can also go aggressive if you know you have a good elixir advantage. Take all spell value you can to help get some early chip damage against the opponents towers, especially with the log.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you’ll be able to cycle through this deck with ease, you still shrill focus on defend with as little elixir as possible so you can put more pressure on the opponent when you play aggressively. Take all spell value and support your offensive x-bows as much as possible. If you’ve already taken a tower you can either just play defensively or keep up the opposite lane pressure to force the opponent to split their elixir. You can begin to spell cycle once their towers are below 800HP.

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