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In this video we have thunderStruck on the channel sharing this OP mega knight cycle deck! The skeletons, bats, snowball and heal spirit are the four cycle cards you’re able to cycle to the key units you need to help defend, for example hunter for lava hound, earthquake for spell cycle etc. You can also use this decks cycle power to keep up the pressure with the royal hogs throughout the match. You will also have opportunities to go aggressive with the mega knight if you can out cycle units like pekka, prince or Valkyrie. Earthquake, in thunderstrucks opinion, is now better because it can one shot skeletons making it OP against skarmy or graveyard and it now does more damage to princess towers. In some matchups you won’t be able to break through their defence which is when you will need to rely on earthquake for spell cycling. One of my favourite things about this deck is its ability to apply pressure in both lanes with the royal hogs, after a successful defence and you have surviving troops in one lane you can split hogs at the bridge to pressure both lane. Hunter is your main defensive weapon against tanks, balloon, hog rider etc, protect him from ranged units like musketeer or magic archer. Snowball is often underrated, its knock back ability and slow duration helps you defend and also support your royal hogs on offence.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight has a unique enter the arena ability which you should use to your advantage when defending. His high HP allows him to clog up a lane and he also makes a great tank for the royal hogs or even the bats on a counter push.

Royal Hogs

Royal hogs are your main win condition, use them to keep up the pressure throughout the match and force your opponent to play defence rather than offence. You can easily cycle back to these guys and always try to counter push behind other units if you get the opportunity. Remember you can use these guys to split lane push if your opponent has two or three counters to the royal hogs. Have your spells ready to support these guys once you hit double elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best opening play is cycling skeletons in the back, you can also cycle heal spirit or bats. You should assess what deck the opponent is playing before you go in with he Royal hogs, don’t over support them in single elixir. Take all spell value you can, especially against buildings like bomb tower, goblin hut, goblin cage etc.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can begin to support your royal hogs more. Remember to defend as efficiently as possible and use your cycle cards to get back to the units you need to defend. You can spell cycle if once their tower is down to around 1000HP. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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