Ash posted 2 weeks ago

Today I’m brining you guys this triple spell hog deck that is incredibly strong! At the start of today’s video you can see the most optimal placement for the electro dragon (e-drag) for defending against different archetypes. If the opponent has sparky save the e-drag to defend just as the sparky crosses the bridge. Protect the e-drag as much as possible just like you would a princess in a bait deck. Bomb tower is another strong defensive unit that works great against royal hogs, elixir golem. It also has great synergy with the tornado because you can pull units into its splash damage. The main win condition inside this deck is the hog rider, try to push with him after a successful defence or to apply opposite lane pressure if you need to force your opponent to split their elixir. Earthquake also can be paired with the hog rider in double elixir to help slow down enemy troops and also deal tower damage.

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Ice Golem

Ice golem is the mini tank inside this deck and should mainly be used to tank tower damage for the hog rider or distract the opponents units on defence. He can also be used to kite certain units into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers. Using him in front of the hog rider will make it more difficult for the opponent to activate their king tower by using the tornado.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin can be sued to help defend against air units and his long range allows him to snipe units while been out of spell range to the rest of your units. In double elixir you can also cycle this guy at the bridge to try to get some extra tower chip damage. You can use him behind your hog rider to help protect him from bats, goblins etc.

Hog Rider

As I mentioned above hog rider is your main win condition, you can use him to pressure a lane when the opponent has played a tank. He can also be used to distract units and prevent them from locking onto your princess towers. As the match progresses and you learn what deck the opponent is playing you can start to make prediction spell placements to support your hog.

Early Stage Gameplan

For opening plays you can either place hog rider or dart goblin at the bridge to see how the opponent responds. Try to cycle to a ground card just incase the opponent is using x-bow, that way you have a unit to prevent it from locking onto your tower. Try to activate your king tower by using the tornado at the earlier opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you can start to stack up bomb towers on defence and begin ramping up the offensive pressure with the hog rider and support him with your spells. Dart goblin and log can both be cycled at the bridge if you don’t have another good play to make. Once their towers are around 1000HP you can spell cycle if you’re struggling to get the hog rider to their towers. Good luck with this deck everyone don’t forget to check out the video to see FilipR using it on top ladder!

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