The DECK that’ll make your OPPONENT RAGE!
Ash posted 1 week ago (updated 1 week ago)

Hey everyone today we have Ialshihi on the channel playing a new version of Royal Giant. This cycle deck has a lot of recently buffed cards including the goblin cage and even the royal delivery. Cycle decks can be difficult to play however I think this one is incredibly strong on defence which makes it easier to play and you can also apply pressure with he royal giant. You need to use the Royal giant aggressively throughout the match, if the opponent plays a tank then you should pressure opposite lane with the RG. This deck is all about defending efficiently and cycling back to the Royal giant.

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Earthquake is an extremely strong spell that slows units making it a great support card for the royal giant in double elixir. You can also use it to help defend against a graveyard if your opponent has poison in cycle to counter your bats. Take all spell value you can, especially against buildings like the furnace, goblin hut, goblin cage etc.

Goblin Cage

Goblin cage is finally back in the meta and he’s definitely stronger than ever. Use him to defend and kite units into the centre of the arena. The brawler himself can be used on a counter push to support the royal giant,


Firecracker is potentially the most annoying card in the game because of her push back ability which makes it harder to hit her with your spells. She’s super strong on defence especially against swarm cards and on offence she can be used to help protect the royal giant while also getting some juicy chip damage throughout due to help long range. Stacking her up can be a real problem for your opponent so aim to do this in double elixir as much as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to aim to control the tempo of the match, keep up the pressure after defending successfully. Try to get value from all your cycle cards and and take as little tower damage as possible. Try to take a tower in single elixir because then you’ll be able to defend throughout the rest of the match and even drop an RG in pocket.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you’re in double elixir keep up the offensive pressure with the RG, keep switching lanes if you need to and also take all spell value. Playing goblin cage and firecracker as much as possible will give you maximum defensive power and also provide you with the strongest counter push opportunity. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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