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Today I have bag in the channel sharing this extremely strong deck that, at the time of this recording, has the highest win rate on top 10k ladder. This deck also has three recently buffed cards the magic archer, goblin cage and Royale delivery. Your main win condition in this deck are the Royal hogs. You need to try and bait out cards like mega knight, Valkyrie or fireball before pressuring with these guys. You can also use the dark prince or goblin brawler to tank damage for the hogs on a counter push. For defence you will mainly rely on the goblin cage and the hunter. Playing the goblin cage will allow you to kite units into the centre of the arena so both towers can help stop their push. Magic archer can be used to help support your other units either on offence or defence. Towards the end of the match you can use him at the bridge to support your hogs to try and get some extra tower chip damage.

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Hunter is a great defensive weapon to use against the opponent. He can be used against a variety of units including heavy tank, hog rider, ram rider, balloon and even graveyard if you place him behind your princess tower. Try to protect him from support units, especially against golem or giant beat down.

Royal Hogs

As I mentioned above your hogs are the main win condition in this deck, use them to pressure the opponent or after a successful defensive sequence. You can split them between both lanes if you’re struggling to get them to the princess tower. Almost every card in this deck is able to support the hogs in some form so be creative and keep your opponent guessing on how they need to defend.

Royal Delivery

If you haven’t used this card before you definitely need to practise with it because it’s deploy time can take some getting used to. However because it can splash air and ground units it’s great for dealing with support cards like musketeer, wizard, magic archer etc and can also tank a hit from a sparky, pekka or prince. The recruit can also be used as a mini tank for the hogs on a counter push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game is recommend starting out with either a goblin cage or magic archer in the back. You can cycle heal spirit too. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and pressure with the hogs when they use a splash unit like mega knight, Valkyrie or even a building that could kite the hogs. Don’t over commit on offence, you need to focus making positive elixir trades on defence while taking as little tower damage as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you can start supporting the hogs more with the earthquake, magic archer etc. Even if you’ve taken a tower in single elixir I still recommend apply light pressure opposite lane to force your opponent to split their elixir! Try to protect your ranged units (magic archer and hunter) to force a spell like fireball from your opponents cycle.

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