Dirtiest Deck Ever....
Ash posted 11 months ago (updated 11 months ago)

Today we have CheeseCake on the channel sharing a deck that has been made for me. Goblin giant sparky has been a strong archetype for a few seasons however people are finally starting to realise it’s true potential especially when paired with the Elite Barbarians. Your main objective when using this deck is to defend and then counter push when you get the opportunity. Rage is actually quite a strong card, it’s main purpose will be to support the sparky or elite barbs however you can also cycle this card on defence due to it only costing 2 elixir. Use the heal spirit to cycle as well as support the sparky or musketeer on defence! The goblin giant should be used to tank damage for the rest of your units, the two spear goblins on his back make him great at help take down support cards.

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Sparky zaps fear into anyone’s hearts especially it’s combined with the rage spell. You can use her defensively in single elixir and then counter push with her, have heal spirit and zap to help protect the sparky.


Earthquake can be used to support your offensive pushes and also slow the opponents troops down. It can also be used to spell cycle towards the end of the match. The damage from this card can kill goblins, skeletons, guards etc so I can also be used on defence, for example against graveyard.


Musketeer is your main defensive weapon against air units, try to protect her and keep her alive as long as possible, this will allow you to get as mush Value as possible and potentially bait a spell card from your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to play passively and react to what your opponent does, try not to make the first play, you can cycle heal spirit or zap to see if the opponent will make he first major elixir investment. Your main aim in single elixir is to survive until double elixir, only counter push if you have an elixir advantage and don’t over commit on offence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you’re in double elixir try setting up a huge push to overwhelm your opponent. You can either play same lane (if you’re against bridge spam, hog rider, giant beat down) or opposite lane if you’re against hound, golem, graveyard etc. If you go opposite lane then you’re going for the three crown so be careful! Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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