Ash posted 10 months ago (updated 10 months ago)

Today we have Magma on channel pushing for #1 global using this hybrid deck that is dominating ladder right now! Hybrid decks allow you to switch your play style throughout the match depending on what deck you’re against or if you’re in single or double elixir. The musketeer and night witch can both be used to bait out poison which allows you to pressure with the graveyard. On defence you will mainly rely on the goblin cage to kite and distract units while using your dark prince or musketeer to assist your towers. You can also kite the pekka, ghost, prince etc into the opposite lane by using your giant. I recommend defending and counter pushing with this deck, especially in single elixir. You can cycle snow ball if you need to. The giant, brawler or dark prince can all be used to tank tower damage for the graveyard. This can work well if you need to apply dual lane pressure after a successful defence.

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Night Witch

Night witch is an extremely strong support card for the giant, playing her as early as possible, when starting out your pushes, will give her more time to spawn bats. The dark prince or brawler can be utilised behind the night witch to help protect her. Her main role is to spawn bats that will help support the giant.

Dark Prince

Try to utilise the dark princes shield and change mechanic as much as possible. He can also be used to help keep the musketeers alive.


Graveyard is your main win condition however you shouldn’t play it until double elixir. For the most optimal graveyard placement I recommend checking out the video to see where Magma places the offensive graveyard. He will use defensive graveyards if he needs to, this works well against pekka.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir this deck can be played as a giant beat down deck by utilising the night witch and dark prince as support cards behind your golem. Use your snow ball and arrows to help defend and make positive elixir trades.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir when you have more elixir you can start using the graveyard a lot more. Try to build up a big push to overwhelm your opponent, always chose to defend before going aggressive! Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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