This DECK reached #1 in THE WORLD!
Ash posted 1 month ago

Today we have lava king on the channel sharing this extremely strong lava-loon deck that he recently used to reach #1 global with. When using this deck you have to be comfortable with taking tower damage and not over defending. You can also use barbarians, minions and minion horde to bait out the opponents spells. Save your spells and use the, to help support your offensive units, even if they won’t kill their troops it can help damage them enough to help your units connect to their towers. Lava king will rely heavily on the minion horde and barbarians for defence. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and counter push when their key defensive units are out of cycle.

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Lava Hound

Lava hound is the main tank and is also a great starting play. The actual hound will be used to help tank tower damage for other units inside this deck however once she pops you can have balloon or miner tanking for the lava pups. You can try to bait out arrows or royal delivery by using your minions.


Balloon will e your main source of tower damage, lava king will often play this card just before the lava hound pops. He will also go aggressively with this card if he knows the opponent doesn’t a good air counter in cycle. Zap can be used alongside this card to allow the balloon to get an extra hit in some situations.


As I mentioned above miner can be used as a mini tank for either the pups, minion or balloon. He can also be used to snipe ranged units like musketeer, princess or magic archer, this allows you to save your spells for other purposes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a lava hound if you have her in cycle, if you can you can pressure with miner. You can see from today’s replays just how aggressively lava king will use this deck. Try and learn what deck the opponent is playing as early as possible punish them if you get the opportunity like todays guest does in the third battle of the video.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you’re in double elixir you can begin to ramp up the offensive pressure and use your princess towers health as a resource. Change lanes if you need to and take all offensive spell value you can, defending with units provide you with a counter push opportunity and can potentially apbaut out spells, whereas using spells defensively provides no counter push opportunity and doesn’t force a response from your opponent!

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