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Today I have the Japanese pro, End on my channel sharing this deck which looks like it's straight from the 2017 meta of Clash Royale. Three Musketeers are back because the tornado can no longer be used to pull the three musks into one lane if you place them behind your king tower unless the opponent wants to activate your king tower. Also with the earthquake nerf the elixir collector can be a lot more and be played 'safely'. This is essentially a bridge spam deck with the support if the 3 musketeers. You also have the option to apply dual lane pressure when using this deck. The ice golem, barb barrel and battle ram can all be used as mini tanks for the musketeers. Use the hunter to help you defend against tanks and also units like hog rider, balloon and ram rider. The barb barrel and ghost will be your main defensive tools against bait decks and also graveyards. If you are against graveyard keep switching lanes and try to stop their tank at the bridge or take it out as quickly as possible.

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Elixir Collector

Elixir Collector hasn't been seen for a long time. It can be used to bait out spelsls like lightening, fireball, rocket or poison. Baiting out spells opens up the game for your to freely play your three musks without been countered by spells. Try to protect this card from miners, goblin barrels or if you play it in front of your king tower you'll need to help protect it from baby dragons, balloons and x-bows.

Ice Golem

Ice golem can be used as a glass tank for the musketeers, hunter or battle ram. He can also be used to kite units around and buy your princess towers more time to shut down certain units or kite their tanks into the opposite lane so you can deal with their support troops. His frost nova can kills skeletons, bats and spear goblins as well as slowly down units.

Three Musketeers

These three ladies should be played cautiously and only placed in front of your king tower if your opponent doesn't have a spell like tornado, fireball, lightening or rocket in cycle. I prefer to wait until double elixir or when I know I have a good elixir advantage before playing this card.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should keep playing the elixir collector and playing this as a bridge spam deck. Defending and then counter pushing is the best way to help build up an elixir advantage as well as been able to protect your pump from units like miner.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should keep using the pump if you're confident the match will go into over time or if you need to bait out heavy spells like rocket. It's easier to apply dual lane pressure in double elixir and invest more elixir in supporting your units. The best thing about this deck style is been able to build up a good elixir advantage through defending and counter pushing! Keep using the battle ram and bandit as bridge spam units when you need to force a response from your opponent. Good luck with this deck everyone!!

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