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Today we welcome Feddi on the channel who has been using this off-meta Graveyard freeze deck that he's been using on ladder to beat better and higher skill opponents. The beauty of this deck is the surprise element because it will be hard for your opponent to predict what deck your're playing and what your actual win condition is! The royal recruits are one of the off meta cards in this deck and they allow you to be able to apply dual lane pressure and defend against units like pekka and the newly buffed prince with ease. For defence you will mainly rely on the hunter however you will need to protect him with the ice golem or royal delivery to help protect him from any support cards. Musketeer can be used used as a secondary defensive unit, she will be particularly important against heavy air decks like lava hound and balloon cycle decks.

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Graveyard is your main win condition and should be used after a successful defence with the support of your counter push units. For the best tower placement I recommend watching the video to see how Feddi uses this deck. You can either use poison or freeze to support this card depending on the match. If you're opponent has lots of swarm and quick cycle cards then you'll get more value from your poison whereas if they have a heavier deck you're more likely to get value from the freeze, but freeze should be saved and used later game.


Freeze has the surprise element which means if you can catch your opponent off-guard then there's nothing they can do. One thing you should be careful of is when using offensive freeze you need to be sure you can defend their counter push unless your troops have enough time to take down their units in the 4-5 second freeze duration. Feddi will often use defensive freeze spells, especially early game. He will pair the freeze with the graveyard if the opponent doesn't have poison, is low on elixir or they play their only defensive unit to defend the graveyard.

Royal Delivery

Royal delivery, although it recently received a Nerf is still incredibly strong and works well in this deck! It's knock back ability works well against hog rider, ram rider, balloon etc and it splash damage can be used against fire cracker, minions, lava pups, goblins and archers! It also works well because it provides you with another royal recruit inside this deck! It's also a great defensive tool against three musketeers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to play passively and react to what your opponent is doing. Try to make positive elixir trades and learn what deck they're using. Royal recruits are are good unit to keep playing in single elixir because they can block up both lanes. Use your poison against spawner huts and elixir collectors. Only apply light counter push pressure, don't over commit and leave yourself with no elixir to defend. Against beat-down decks try to be aggressive opposite lane as soon as they play their tank.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin to support you units a lot more on offence, keep stacking up pressure with the recruits and musketeers, use the ice golem as a glasss tank to help protect your counter push troops and also a tank for the graveyard. Have freeze or poison ready to deploy depending on what deck you're up-against.

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