Ash posted 2 months ago

In this video we welcome the pro player Hazard on the channel who is sharing this fast cycle giant prince deck while pushing top 200 in the world! Giant miner is a strong combo and can be used as a one two punch to keep up the pressure and it also means you have two mini tanks in this deck which means you can quickly and easily apply pressure throughout the match. Giant can be used to kite units into the opposite lane and into the range of the other princess tower. You should use your skeletons and bats to make positive elixir trades and also help protect your magic archer and giant. Miner and bats can be used to apply immediate pressure at the bridge if your opponent plays a heavy tank like golem or hound. Against other giant decks try to battle on your side of the arena, so you have the support of your princess towers, and then counter push with the miner tanking tower damage. Zap can used to reset the tower onto the miner if required.

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Magic Archer

Magic archer can offer a lot of value because of how strong he is on defence and he also makes a strong support card. Position is key when using this card to ensure you maximum elixir value. His long range can help chip away at their tower tower while protecting your giant from swarm cards. If your opponent has fireball try to avoid playing this card to close to your princess towers otherwise you'll give them a positive elixir trade opportunity.


Prince is a heavy hitting unit once he's charging which make a key defensive card against golem, giant etc. Use your zap or log to support him and help him win battles at the bridge and protect him from swarm cards. You can counter push with this guy by either using miner on their tower or place giant in front of his.


Miner is an extremely versatile card and from watching Hazard in today's video you can see how aggressive he will use this card to help chip away at the opponents towers and also provide a mini tank for the prince, bats or magic archer. He is also a good counter to the elixir collector which is been used a lot more in this meta. You can also use him to snipe ranged units like princess or magic archer. Remember to switch up your tower placement to make it harder for your opponent to predict where this card is going to appear.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a miner on the princess tower or using skeletons to cycle. Never play both magic archer and bats straight away because if the opponent has balloon they can easily punish you. Learn and assess what deck they're playing and punish them if they make a mistake. Don't over commit offensively but you need to apply pressure when they're low on elixir for example if they've just played a heavy tank, elixir collector or you've just made a huge positive elixir trade on defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin ramping up the pressure and even making prediction spell placements. You can use miner cycle once their tower is down to around 600 HP or less. Hazard will mainly use his giants in front of his towers because you only really have prince or defence so been offensive with the miner and bats can be a good way to make your opponent use elixir. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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