Ash posted 10 months ago

Today we have Eti on the channel who is pushing top 10 global using the new version of the Goblin Giant Spakey deck! As you can see in the first match, this deck is prone to make the opponent rage quit. The synergy rage has with the skeleton is extremely annoying for your opponent to deal with, you can also support the dragons with the heal spirit. They will primarily be used in one lane to help defend, but you can then counter push with them when you get the opportunity. Just like the OG goblin giant sparky deck you should try to defend and counter push with your units, you can apply opposite lane pressure against beat down archetypes. Mini pekka and sparky are both great tank killers, you can also use the goblin giant to kite units into the opposite lane. This works well if you play sparky in the back and they try rushing opposite lane, you can use the Goblin giant to kite units into to blast radius of the sparky. I prefer to play this deck as a counter push deck, so you should defend, and then punish your opponent. It doesn't always have to be with sparky, as you can see from today's matches Eti will even use mini pekka, musketeer or skelly dragons on a counter push.

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Goblin Giant

Goblin giant is your main tank inside this deck, against x-bow for example you should never play him behind your towers. The two spear goblins means he is capable of countering bats, skeletons, goblins etc. Use him as a tank for your counter push units.


Rage can be used to help support medium sized counter pushes. This spell works particularly well this the sparky and the skelly dragons. Try to rage as many units as possible to get maximum value.


Musketeer will be one of your key defensive units against air decks like balloon cycle or hound. Her long range means shes a great support card for the majority of units in this deck and she can also be a spell bait card for the skeleton dragons or a the sparky (if they have rocket or lightening)

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game work out what deck your opponent is play and think of ways you can punish them and how you can break through their deck. Try to make positive elixir trades and always apply counter push pressure.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you can begin fully supporting your counter pushes and even applying dual lane pressure. Try to protect your musketeer and the sparky and much as possible, use the heal spirit and rage as cycle cards as well as using them to support your pushes. Good Luck with this deck everyone!

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