Ash posted 1 year ago

In today's video we have Memati on the channel sharing this new meta Royal Giant deck that is incredibly strong because all the cards in this deck can be used support your Royal Giant after a successful defence where you can easily make a positive elixir trade. Try to utilise the rage spell from the lumberjack on the offensive end, the rage up royal giant is incredibly strong and can deal a ton of damage to your opponents tower. For air defence you have plenty of options to use, you can also use the cage to kite units like balloon, this also works well against hog rider, giant, golem, ram rider etc. The cage can also counter an unsupported mega knight for a positive elixir trade. The #1 rule with this deck is NOT to play the Royal Giant too aggressively, you need to be able to fully support him offensively, he costs 6 elixir can be easily countered without the proper support cards.

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Lightening is best saved until double elixir, its a great spell to use to counter units like hunter, electro dragon and inferno dragon or tower! It can also perfectly counter the elixir collector. In double elixir you should use this card against buildings which are used to distract your RG.

Skeleton Dragons

These guys are your main splash damage inside this deck. They're a great support card for the RG is your opponent has swarm units inside their deck. They can also be used as a spell bait card but try not to give your opponent too much spell value when placing this card. Although this card can be split in the back they're best played together because they have very low health and won't do much damage on their own.

Electro Wizard

I love the electro wizard because of how unique he is and how strong he is on defence. He is technically a ranged unit so try to protect him from heavy hitting units and keep him alive as long as possible. His stun mechanic is great at helping you defend against ram rider, battle ram, balloon and so on.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game assess what deck your opponent is play, save the royal giant until you get a good counter push opportunity. For opening plays you can start out with a cage, barrel or mega minion. Remember to try to make positive elixir trades and then punish your opponent on offence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you're in double elixir or over time you can begin ramping up the pressure on your counter push and using your spells to support the Royal Giant. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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