Ash posted 9 months ago

Today we have Wiz Master using this 'cheese freeze' deck live on ladder which is perfect for allowing you to be able to beat higher skill players than yourself because nothing in this game can beat a perfectly timed freeze spell! This is a really effective deck because it has a very fast cycle with the two one elixir units inside this deck. The wizard, mega minion and lumberjack help make this deck incredibly strong on defence, the lumberjack especially provides you with a good counter push opportunity because you can pressure with the balloon into the lumberjacks rage spell.

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The freeze is a high risk high reward card, using this card at the wrong time can give your opponent a huge counter push that overwhelms your towers. However timing this card right can give you a huge elixir lead and even allow you to take a tower if you pair it with the balloon. Wiz master will also thew freeze defensively against hog rider, skeleton barrel, ram rider, prince etc.


Rocket is a good counter to units like sparky, witch, executioner. It is also great against x-bow because you should never allow you opponent to stack up defensive x-bows. It can also be used later game to spell cycle if you're struggling to get the balloon to connect to their tower. As you can see in the replays today wiz master will also use it against balloon.


Try to utilise this guy as much as possible, he's an incredibly strong card and his rage spell is the perfect support card for your balloon, wizard for mega minion. He can be used defensively to chop through their units and then used as a counter push troop.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game assess what deck your opponent is play and counter push if you think the opponent is low on elixir or they use a couple of air counters in a row leaving them vulnerable to a balloon. Use your cycle cards to start out the match and try to make as many positive elixir trades as possible while taking minimal tower damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin ramping up the offensive pressure with the balloon and even pairing it with freeze. In double elixir apply pressure can be a good defensive strategy and force your opponent to play defence rather than offence. Good luck with this deck!

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