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Ash posted 1 week ago

Today we start Deck Mastery which is a new series on my channel featuring the pro player JuicyJ. For this weeks deck we chose this mega knight deck which is very versatile and has a lot of beat down potential with the mega knight and prince combo. It can also be a fairly quick cycle deck due to the miner, wall breaker and bats. The wall breakers and bats have good synergy because they can both be used to help bait out small spells like zap, snowball or log. They can also be used to support the miner on offence and apply extra pressure, this works well if you need to force a response from your opponent if they’re trying up to build up a push in the opposite lane. One thing I love about this deck is it’s ability to apply dual lane pressure or easily change lanes and apply opposite lane pressure if you’re struggling to break through their defence.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight is a strong defensive unit that can also be used as a heavy tank to give this deck a beat down element. You should look to get value form this guys enter the arena ability, especially early game. If you’re up against air decks then you should use this card more offensively because the opponent will struggle to defend it.


Musketeer should be protected as much as possible, this will help you get value from her. She is your main air defence and trying to stack her up in double elixir can be a good move to make.

Royal Delivery

Royal delivery is one of JuicyJ’s favourite cards in the game. This card can offer a lot of value as you can see in the first match of today’s video. It is capable of countering a sparky, sparky, minion horde, rascals, firecracker etc. It’s knock back effect also works great against balloon, battle ram or ram rider!

Early Stage Gameplan

At the beginning of a match cycling the wall breakers is by far the best move you can make. Try to get some good chip damage with the miner throughout single elixir. Be carful not to over commit until you know what deck your opponent is playing.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir keep up the pressure and try to break through your opponents defence while taking minimal tower damage yourself. I highly recommend checking out the video to see how JuicyJ coaches me while using this deck.

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