Ash posted 11 months ago

Today we have the newest and hottest bait deck in the game brought to us by no other than Percy Jackson using this OP bait deck! Percy is inside a grand challenge today attempting to get the 12 win live. This deck can supply relentless pressure making it incredibly hard for your opponent to do anything else but defend. There are six cards that have the potential to bait out spells from your opponent so it can even handle triple spell decks. On defence you will rely on the goblin cage to kite units and help defend, the brawler has a huge counter push potential which you can use alongside your skeleton barrel, goblin barrel, bats or dart goblin. One thing I love about this deck is its ability to apply dual lane pressure as well as easily out cycle your opponents cards. Delievery is a good counter to firecracker, archers, skeleton dragons and it's knock back works great against balloon or a charging ram rider or battle ram.

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Princess can offer a lot of defensive value, stacking her up can make it difficult for your opponent to build up a push. Try to protect her from your opponents troops and keep her alive as long as possible, this can help bait out spells which then gives you an opportunity to apply pressure with the goblin barrel or skeleton barrel.

Skeleton Army

Skarmy is another strong defensive option that you will rely on for taking down tanks or surrounds units like sparky. It can also be used to counter a goblin barrel or to help protect your princess.

Goblin Barrel

Both the barrels in this deck will be used to pressure the opponent throughout the match and force them to constantly spend elixir defensively rather than on offence. Juke barrels can be good quick paced matches or if you have a princess or dart goblin at the bridge.

Early Stage Gameplan

You have a lot of options for starting plays when using this deck, I prefer to either of the barrels if they're in cycle or set up with a goblin cage. Learn what small spells your opponent is playing and try to out cycle their log/snowball etc. Try to make positive elixir trades on defence and then counter push, you might need to keep changing lanes against certain match-ups like graveyard.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir you should know what deck the opponent is playing so you should aim to bait out and then punish their key counters. Good luck with this deck and remember you can easily change lanes or also apply dual lane pressure. You have no direct damage with this deck which means you will rely on the barrels to get your damage in.

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