Ash posted 1 month ago

Today I'm bringing you guys this hot new balloon deck that is quickly taking over the meta. I love this deck because it has two win conditions which makes it difficult for your opponent to defend throughout the match and will allow you to control the tempo of the match. This deck is also extremely strong of defence and will provide you with a strong counter push. If the opponent has fireball try to bait it out with your firecracker, barbarians before you go aggressive with the royal hogs. Balloon can be saved as a surprise win condition, if the opponent plays two air units back to back you can go ahead and pressure with the balloon.

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Skeleton Army

Skarmy is a strong defensive card that can help you positive elixir trades which you can then cash in on offensively. These guys are a great tank killer or they can be used to catch a miner or a goblin barrel. If your opponent uses their spells you can go aggressive with this card at the bridge.

Royal Hogs

Hogs are your primary win condition and can be used either same lane or you can split them at the river depending on how many counters your opponent has to these guys. You can pressure opposite lane when your opponent is trying to build up a bigger push in the opposite lane.


Firecracker is one of the most annoying cards to go against in the game right now, she is a spell bait card however try to protect her from the opponents troops to keep her alive as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play passively and make positive elixir trades and only counter push after a successful defence. Use your spells to help support your units and keep them alive as long as possible, try to get tower chip too. Don't over commit!!

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin ramping up the pressure by pressuring both lanes. Try defend and counter push. against graveyard you might need to keep switching lanes. Good luck with this deck everyone! Check out the video to see a pro using this deck live!

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