Ash posted 1 month ago

Today we have Thunder Struck on the channel sharing this high skill cap deck that can be used "to win any match up". The canon cart and lumber jack synergies well together because they're both strong units you can rely on to pressure opposite lane and use them as bridge spam units. The way you will win with this deck will vary, sometimes you'll simply over whelm the opponent, sometimes you'll rely on magic archer chip and spell cycle damage. Try to be patient with this deck and react to what your opponent does, wait for the perfect counter push opportunity to over whlem your opponent and take the victory!

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Magic Archer

You need to get as much value from this guy as possible, it is potentially a fireball bait deck so don't play him close to your towers or other units. Protect him from troops to keep him alive as long as possible. Placement with this card is absolutely key, it can be the difference between winning and losing a match. Thunder will use this card fairly aggressively, especially if the opponent doesn't have fireball to counter him.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart is your main defensive unit against x-bow or mortar decks, with the ice wizard boost this season the 'ice bow' deck will likely have a higher use rate than previous seasons. Use this cards longer range to your advantage, a well timed heal spirit can help heal the cart back to health and increase the chances of this card locking onto the opponents princess towers.

Battle Ram

Use the battle ram to pressure your opponent when you need to force them to spend elixir. It can also be used to kite units into the opposite lane or it can also act as a lightening rod for your other cards. This card is best played into the rage spell in front of your counter push units.

Early Stage Gameplan

The safest starting play you can make with this deck is cycling heal spirit, barb barrel or playing the skeleton dragons in the back. These plays are hard to punish which is why they're the safest option. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and punish them when you get the opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try to bait out their key defensive units and set up a push where all your support cards can counter push into a rage spell from the lumber jack. If you're struggling to break through then your're going to rely on spell cycle and magic archer chip damage.

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