Ash posted 1 year ago

Today we have ilalshihi on the channel sharing this new version of the royal hog mega knight deck. This deck is a heavy fireball bait deck, the zappies, royale hogs and flying machine can all be used to bait out the opponents big spell. The royale hogs are you main win condition and can be supported by the heal spirit or they can used on a counter push behind your units. Cage will mainly be defensively to kite units into the centre of the map and into the range of both princess towers. It can actually perfectly counter a hog rider if you play it just in front of your princess tower. Another strong tactic you can use with this deck is to apply dual lane pressure, the zappies and the hogs can both be split. Zappies are a great unit to split behind your king tower because they can clog up both lanes and make it difficult for your opponent to pressure a lane. For air defence you can use your cage to kite units and then use your flying machine to help shut down their push. Snowball works well against swarm cards and its knock back ability can be used against balloon. I recommend apply opposite lane pressure against heavy air decks like lava hound or balloon cycle.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight has a unique enter the arena ability which should be used to ensure you get maximum value for your elixir from this card. He can knock back and reset charging units like battle ram or ram rider and is a great counter to three musketeers, royal hogs, barbarians etc.


Bandit is one of my favourite cards in the game can is not only good at defending against princes or medium HP unit but she can also be played at the bridge or in the pocket to force your opponent to play elixir defensively.

Goblin Cage

Use the cage on defence and then counter push with the brawler. Heal spirit can be used to support this guy if you need to cycle a card. Watch the video to see how today's guest uses this card for the most optimal tower placements. He can be a good mini tank for the royal hogs as well.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game assess what deck your opponent is playing and learn what their win condition is. Against heavier decks try to keep up the pressure in single elixir to avoid them been able to build up a huge push which you can't defend. If they have a faster cycle deck, focus on defending and making positive elixir trades and counter push when you can.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir try supporting your hogs more and building up a bigger counter push. You can be more aggressive and punish your opponent for over committing or making a mistake. Try to bait out cards like fireball, mega knight or Valkyrie before applying pressure.

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