Ash posted 4 weeks ago

In this video we have filipR on the channel sharing this OP hog rider deck that he's using to take down some of the best players in the world. Fisherman is back stronger than ever and he works well inside this deck because he gives you a string defensive option against a variety of cards and even allows you to activate your king tower against certain units like golem, giant, hog rider etc. Try to protect your magic archer as much as possible throughout the match, this will make your opponent invest more elixir into taking him out or using a spell against him. What I love about this deck is you can still be aggressive with the hog rider, you can support him with the ice golem as a tank, bats, or behind the mini pekka on a counter push. As the match progresses and you learn what deck the opponent is playing you can start to make prediction spell placements with the log. For air defence you will mainly rely on the bats and magic archer, using magic archer opposite lane will stop your opponent getting any spell value. I recommend pressuring opposite lane against heavy air decks like hound or balloon cycle, this will again force your opponent to spend their elixir on defence rather than offence.

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Fisherman is still a fairly high skill cap card. Early game you will use him to try and active your king tower. However throughout the rest of the match should use him to pull units away from your towers. Never cycle this card behind your towers because if the opponent is playing giant skeleton or hunter you're going to take a ton of princess tower damage. He can also negate the charge of a prince or the dash of a bandit.

Hog Rider

This guy is the main win condition inside this deck, use him to pressure the opponent if they make a mistake, are low on elixir, or you need to pressure opposite lane. You can also use this guy on the counter push. He's a strong offensive unit that demands a response from your opponent. If your opponent has fisher man or tornado try playing this guy behind the ice golem or the mini pekka (on a counter push) this makes if harder for your opponent to activate their king tower.

Ice Golem

The Ice golem's roll in this deck is to be a glass tank for your hog rider or magic archer and help keep those unit alive for as long as possible. His death damage can kill bats or skeletons which makes him a good counter to skarmy if you don't have log in cycle. He can also be used to kite units into the opposite lane, this works well against pekka, prince, mega knight and also air units like baby dragon or mega minion.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the hog if you have it in cycle. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and punish them if they make a big elixir investment. Protect the magic archer and try to stack him up if you can cycle back to a second archer.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir start ramping up the offensive pressure and taking all spell value you can, especially with the lightening. Once you've taken a tower I recommend starting to apply pressure in the other lane unless you're confident you can defend your tower for the last few seconds of a match!

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