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Ash posted 3 weeks ago

Today we have thunderstruck back on the channel sharing this home made deck that is absolutely perfect for countering two recently buffed cards the fisherman and zappies. This is a fast cycle deck that allows your to keep up the offensive and defensive pressure. The fisher man can be used to help protect the royal giant from heavy hitting units like pekka or hunter, this will often leave the opponent without a good defensive option resulting in the losing their tower, you can then distract the pekka or hunter with a skeleton surround. Fisherman and hunter have great synergy because you can pull units closer to the hunter resulting in more DPS due to his shotgun mechanic. Your cycle cards can all be used to help support another unit inside this deck as well as allowing you to cycle back to the unit you need.

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Hunter is your main tank killer and works great when paired with fisherman. You can help protect this guy by using skeletons to tank hits from heavy hitting units like pekka or prince. He's also a good counter to hog rider and graveyard!

Royal Giant

Royal Giant is your main win condition and should be used throughout the match to keep up the pressure and force your opponent to play elixir defensively. He's a strong counter to siege decks and the cycle power of this deck means you can easily get back to a second RG.

Heal Spirit

For one elixir this card can be used to support your royal giant which can potentially allow him to get 2-3 extra hits on the opponents princess towers. It can also be used to support the hunter which can provide you with a counter push opportunity.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game your main roll with this deck is to simply cycle royal giant and fisher to keep up the pressure while relying on this decks strong defence to help protect your princess towers. As always learn what deck the opponent is playing and take all spell value you can.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should know what deck the opponent is playing and can begin using the best support cards for the royal giant. If you've already taken a tower then keep up the opposite lane pressure. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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