Ash posted 4 weeks ago

Today we have the Japanese Pro player 'Zen Sparky' sharing his #1 deck right now that is so easy to use! This is a hybrid deck however it should be used as a zap bait deck, the goblins, minions and sparky can all be used to bait out a zap, then you can punish your opponent when they don't have a good counter in cycle. The giant and ice golem are both tanks that you can rely on to tank damage for your other units inside this deck. The snowball will mainly be used to take out small units like bats, skeletons etc but its knock back ability can also be used to rest an inferno dragon, ram rider, battle ram or knock back a balloon or hog rider. You should also combine the snowball and goblin barrel together is the opponent has a skarmy or goblin gang in cycle. You also have two win conditions inside this deck the sparky and the goblin barrel, use them to keep up the pressure throughout the match when the opponent is low on elixir or you can also apply dual lane if you're struggling to break through their defence.

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One thing I've noticed from watching today's pro is that he will regularly make prediction tornado placements to help support his pushes. He will use it to pull units like executioner into the opposite lane or to kills smaller units like bats, skeletons or spear goblins. It also has great synergy with the sparky because it can pull units into the splash radius of the sparky and even allow a sparky connection to the tower if you time this right.


Giant is your main tank inside this deck. Use him in front of your support cards to tank tower damage and hopefully take down their tower. He cal also be used to help keep your own princess towers alive buying your other units more time to shut down their push. This works well against bait archetypes.


Minions are your main air defence, they can be supported by the spear goblins, snowball and even the tornado, If you are up against a heavy air deck I recommend applying opposite lane pressure and saving the minions and spear goblins to defend. Try to bait out the small spell with your opposite lane push!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to activate your king tower by using the tornado, this is particularly important against graveyard, bait, hog rider and balloon cycle decks. As with every match it's important to work out what deck your opponent is playing so you can use the correct support cards for your pushes. You can start out with a goblin barrel, spear goblins or even an ice golem. Never play sparky behind your towers until you know they're not playing rocket.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir try to get as much defensive value from your sparky as possible and then use her on the counter push. If you know your opponent is low on elixir you can keep using units at the bridge or even switch lanes to try and take their second tower. It's easy to overwhelm the opponent with this deck if you know what deck they're using and use the correct support units. Good luck with this deck everyone, check out the video to watch today's pro pushing ladder live!

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