most just give up vs this deck
Ash posted 3 weeks ago

Today we welcome seif on the channel who is sharing one of the heaviest combos in game, the golem, sparky and lumber jack! This deck looks crazy but trust me a lot of opponent rage out or just simply give up against this deck which will result in you getting a three crown victory. This deck is able to defend against the majority of match-ups, the only deck it can really struggle against is a heavy air deck like lava hound. However if you're up against hound then you will need to utilise your tornado and ice wizard combo and try to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity. Also you should apply opposite lane pressure. This is a good tacit to use if you're struggling against a deck, opposite lane pressure can be unstoppable with this deck. Just like all golem decks, sometimes you'll need to tower trade, if this happens try to ensure you can get the three crown victory before your opponent, ensure you have the lumberjack down so he can rage everything up!

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Golem will be used in some situations to kite units away from your towers, this works well against pekka, prince, mega knight, inferno dragon and so on. Remember this card has death damage which is capable of killing minions, goblins, bats etc and can by paired with tornado to pull units into his death damage radius. The best time to drop a golem is when your opponent is low on elixir or their win condition is out of hand, this works in single elixir. This is a good strategy to use because it prevents your opponent pressuring opposite lane and forcing your to split your elixir.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard has one of the strongest defensive combo's in the game when paired with the tornado. Try to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible. You might need to use your heal spirit to heal him up, especially if the opponent has used fireball or poison.


Sparky is a strong defensive unit that also has good counter push potential. Heal spirit and tornado can be paired with this card to make her even more lethal. Against other beat down decks you'll rely heavily on the sparky and tornado combo to kill their tank and the support cards.

Early Stage Gameplan

You don't really want to make the first play with this deck, wait for the opponent and play passively until you find a perfect opportunity to go in with the golem. Try to use the tornado to activate the king tower as soon as you can, this will be particularly important against hog rider, balloon, bait, bridge spam and graveyard archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you will be able to ramp up the offensive pressure and fully support your golem pushes. Utilise your tornado with as many units as possible to get maximum value for your elixir investment. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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