Ash posted 3 weeks ago

Today we welcome Vulkan on the channel who I know from my 'viva la sparky' days! He's a great player and today we're watching mugi play this fast royal giant cycle deck that has the hunter and fisher man which is an incredibly strong defensive combo! Your main aim with this deck will be to defend and counter push with the royal giant. Almost every card can be used to support the royal giant, for example bats can be used at the river to distract an inferno tower, fisherman can pull heavy hitting units away and skeletons can also be used to tank hits for a pekka. The fireball and log both have a knock back ability which can be used to reset units like inferno dragon or a charging prince.

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Fish man is a strong card that should be used to activate your king tower early game and then he should be used to help protect the royal giant. If you're against fisherman try to make prediction plays with your skeletons to distract the fisher man. You can pair this card with the hunter to pull units closer to him which will result in a higher DPS. If your pull a pekka or a prince use skeletons to help protect the hunter and fisherman.

Royal Giant

Royal giant is your main win condition and should be used to apply offensive pressure when you need to force an elixir response from your opponent or when you know they don't have enough elixir to play their main defensive units.

Heal Spirit

Heal spirit is a great support card for the royal giant and also the hunter. It can also be used to counter a skeleton barrel like mugi does in the video or you can use this card to distract an inferno dragon.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game assess what deck your opponent is playing and counter push when you get the opportunity. You can start out with bats, skeletons, fisherman or heal spirit in the back. Try to get as much defensive value from your spells in single elixir and also use your fisherman to activate your king tower if you get the opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin to use your spells more offensively and try to cycle back to a second royal giant if you know you can out cycle their main defensive units. Try to protect your support units as much as possible, heal spirit can be used to help keep them alive for as long as possible and skeletons should be used to tank some hits from the opponents troops.

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