Ash posted 2 years ago

In this video I have Ryuga on the channel sharing a 0 IQ deck that is incredibly strong and perfect for getting those three crown victories. This is the most aggressive golem deck in the game and is perfect for a come back victory. Your main aim with this deck is to build up a good amount of support cards behind the golem and then clone as many units as possible. This deck is hard countered by poison and tornado decks so try to bait them out with your flying machine, night witch or skeleton barrel. The bait element of this decks help force small spells from your opponents hand. The squishy units can also be used to lightly defend or apply some opposite lane pressure. For air defence you will mainly rely on the flying machine and bats, you can support these units with arrows if required.

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One thing I've picked up from todays matches is how aggressive today's pro is with this card. HE will use it on defence to distract units and then counter push behind him. Remember this card has death damage which is able to kill minions, goblins etc and can also get you quite a bit of tower damage. Try to support this card as much as possible, especially with the night witch and the flying machine.


The best two units you can clone with this deck is the golem and the night witch. This is because the golem has death damage which can deal a tonne of tower damage and the night witch will be able to spawn more bats when cloned. The skeleton barrel can also be a good unit to clone if the opponent doesn't have a small spell in cycle. The ultimate aim with this deck is to clone as many units as possible, try to bait out spells like tornado or poison before cloning your units.

Skeleton Barrel

I like the skeleton barrel because is can be used to pressure opposite lane for only three elixir or it can be used to support your pushes if your opponent has just used their small spell. It can also be used to bait out cards like Valkyrie, tornado, log or arrows which can all be used to counter your cloned units.

Early Stage Gameplan

If you have golem in your starting hand then go ahead and use him, if you don't you can use the skeleton barrel, bats etc. You can tower trade and even sacrifice tower damage in order to be able to invest more elixir to support your golem. Remember to assess and learn what deck the opponent is playing. You should keep up the pressure with this deck in single elixir even if you have to sacrifice a tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck is much stronger in double or even triple elixir. Try to build up a huge push and over whelm your opponent if you can successfully bait out their key counters. Use your arrows to support your pushes and try to get as much spell value as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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