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In this video we have the one and only Samuel Bassatto on the channel sharing the deck he used to get 20-0 victories in the No Tilt 20 win challenge. This is a high skill cap deck and learning a deck like this will definitely improve your overall game play and help you understand the small card interactions. You need to be able to defend with as little elixir as possible and perfectly time every single card placement throughout the match. Your main win conditions are the miner and wall breakers, dart goblins and bats can also be used to get tower chip when supported by another card. With this deck you really need to have a strong offence in order to maintain a good defence, you will never defend a huge push so don't allow your opponent to build one! The log is your only spell inside this deck and is great for helping chip away at their tower throughout the match. You will also rely heavily on the log to defend against bait decks or to reset charging units like battle ram, ram rider or the prince. The ice spirit can also be used, due to its stun mechanic, to reset charging units. This can also be used against ground as well as air units like the inferno dragon or even a sparky.

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Ice Golem

Ice golem is one of the most important units inside this deck because he can offer so much defensive value because of how versatile he is. His main role is a mini tank inside this deck and he can help keep your other units alive inside this deck for longer. His frost nova can not only kill bats or skeletons but it can slow other units down buying your troops or towers more time to shut down their push.


Miner is a strong offensive unit that has great synergy with the bats, wall breakers and dart goblin. Remember to switch up your tower placement when using this card to make it harder for your opponent to predict where he's going to appear. This guy can also be used on defence, he's great at sniping ranged units like musketeer, magic archer, princess or dart goblin.

Wall Breakers

Wall breakers are your main win condition and they're a great choice to use to apply pressure to force a response from your opponent. If your opponent has log, zap or snowball then as long as you have a unit tanking tower damage they'll need to invest more elixir into stopping these guys. Ice spirit can also be used to support this card, providing your opponent doesn't have a small spell in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to aim to control the tempo of the match and force your opponent to play defence and not give them an opportunity to be aggressive with their deck. You can start out with the wall breakers split, miner on the tower or cycling a ice spirit. I recommend never using your dart goblin, ice golem or bats until you know what deck the opponent is playing. Try to get as much value as possible from your one elixir units, this can be the difference between winning or losing a match.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should know what deck the opponent is playing, try to bait out their key counters and keep forcing the opponent to play defensively. You can also keep switching lanes if required. Check out today's video to see one of the best players in the world using this deck!

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