Ash posted 2 weeks ago

In this years last video looking at the top decks from the 20 win No Tilt challenge I'll be taking a look at this 6.0 elixir deck that Faust used. I would say this is a control variant of a heavy deck with the ram rider as your main win condition in most match ups. Try to keep playing barb hut when you have it in cycle, it's capable of clogging up a lane and makes it difficult for your opponent to break through. For air defence you will mainly rely on the wizard and the three musk's, the ram riders snare can also work against a balloon. The three musketeers should be played late game and only in certain match-up, for example against a deck with executioner tornado where you will need to apply dual lane pressure in order to win.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight is the heavy tank inside this deck and will mainly be used to help defend and then you can counter push behind him. Use his enter the arena ability to your advantage, he's a strong defensive option against bridge spam units.

Ram Rider

Ram rider can offer a lot of defensive value due to her snare ability, shes great at helping defend against hog rider, battle ram and balloon. Use her on the counter push. especially if you can use her into a lumberjacks rage spell pr behind a mega knight.


I recommend using the lumberjack to defend as much as possible and then counter pushing behind him. In a lot of match ups correctly using this card and then taking advantage if his rage spell is what will win you the match.

Early Stage Gameplan

If there's ever a deck where you don't want to make the first play then this is the deck. However as double elixir approaches if no one has made the first play then a barbarian hut is the best choice. Your main aim in single elixir is to survive till double elixir while taking as little tower damage as possible. Use lightening to get as much spell value as possible, it also works well at shutting down supporting units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you will be able to support your pushes more and apply more pressure. I still highly recommend defending and counter pushing, try to utilise your lightening to shut down their defensive units. Check out today video to see Faust's 20 game victory using this deck!

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