Ash posted 1 month ago

Today we have the one and only SK Morten on the channel sharing, in my opinion, the highest skill deck in the game that has been used to reach #1 in the world. This fast cycle deck is perfect for allowing you to be able to control the tempo of the match and punish your opponent after a successful defensive sequence. One of my favourite things about this deck is its ability to apply dual lane pressure. You should aim to defend with as little elixir as possible, while the bomb tower is a strong defensive unit the best defence is a good offence when using this deck. This is particularity important against heavier decks like golem or lava hound. The miner and knight are both mini tanks and can be used to help support your squishy units either on offence or defence. Try to get as much value from your spells as possible, playing them at the last possible second can help ensure this.

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Bomb Tower

You can get a lot of value from this card due to the deck been a quick cycle deck. It's great at kiting units into the centre of the arena so both towers can target the opponents troops. It can also be played same lane against royal hogs or at the bridge if you're up against a siege deck.


Miner is one of your key offensive units inside this deck and should be used to apply pressure and tank tower damage for the wall breakers, bats or spear goblins. Remember to switch up tower placement with this guy to make it harder for the opponent to predict where he's going to appear. I like to use him to snipe ranged units like the princess, dart goblin, magic archer or musketeer.

Wall Breakers

Wall breakers will mainly be used to punish your opponent once you've baited out their small spell, with this deck you should be easily able to out cycle units like bowler, executioner, Valkyrie etc. They're best used if you have a miner or knight tanking tower damage. They can also be used to kite certain units away from your towers as well.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with the wall breakers split, spear goblins at the bridge or miner in the safe spot. Safe your bats, knight and bomb tower for defence. Learn what deck the opponent is playing while keeping up the opposite lane pressure and forcing your opponent to play defence. You should be aiming to go into double elixir with a damage advantage against most archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin using your miner more aggressively and you will still be able to cycle back to him for defence if required. You will rely heavily on the bomb tower and knight for defence, use your spells to support your other units where possible and try to get some tower chip. Remember to punish your opponent if you know they don't have a good counter in cycle for the wall breakers. Good luck with this deck and thank-you to everyone who supports me by using creator code 'cwa'

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