Ash posted 2 years ago

Once up-on a time the community hated Royal Giant, then came the elite barbarians and THEN came the Elixir golem which is one of the most disgusting deck in the world. Now if you want an easy to use deck that will make your opponent rage quit then this might be the deck for you. Jonah, is a pro player and it does take a LOT of skill to get to #1 in the world with any deck! From watching the replays today you can see that Jonah will often take tower damage and will build up a big push behind his elixir golem just like you should with any beat down deck. What makes this deck so strong is the battle healers combo with the electro dragon and the elixir golem, particularly with the elixir golem blobs. You can use your rage spell to help your units win the battle at the bridge and also increase your units DPS when they're locked onto the opponents towers. The arrows should be used to protect your troops from swarm cards.

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Night Witch

Night witch is a strong support card for the elixir golem and should be used in all your offensive pushes. Her spawning bats can help bait out small spells which could be used against the dragons or the blobs.

Battle Healer

Use the battle healer to support all your pushes just like the night witch. She is an extremely annoying card to deal with and doesn't die to a sparky, rocket or even a giant skeleton bomb... this unit is almost unstoppable.

Heal Spirit

This little spirit is a good cycle card but can also be used to support defensive dragons or tank a hit from a sparky, pekka or prince. It can also be used as a starting card to see if the opponent will then start out the match. Cycle this card as much as possible in double elixir to help keep your units alive for as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game assess what deck the opponent is playing and try to build up a strong push to overwhelm your opponent. You're best playing elixir golem in the back and using as many support cards behind him as possible. You can soak up some tower damage opposite lane or even go for a tower trade. Rage spell can not only be used to support your pushes but also as a cycle card.

Late Stage Gameplan

If your opponent manages to hold onto all three towers until double elixir then it's likely they have a strong splash unit inside their deck, the best way to deal with this is having the battle healer down and a load of support cards, you might be best counter pushing against these kind of decks. You can also use units in the pocket once you've taken down a tower. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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