NEW Royal Recruit LOON DECK
Ash posted 1 month ago

Today we have Ialshihi back on the channel sharing this recently buffed Balloon deck that can be incredibly strong if you play patently, counter push when your unit has low elixir or no good air defence in cycle. You should also try to protect your recruits from the mega knight and bowler as much as possible. You can do this with the fisher man by pulling units onto your side of the arena. Your main win condition inside this deck is the balloon and the miner can also be used to help chip away at their tower or act as a mini tank for the balloon, musketeer or minions. Try to pressure with the balloon after a successful defensive sequence, ideally when you're up on elixir and your opponent has used all their air defence. You can support the balloon with heal spirit and snow ball depending on what your opponent is playing. For defence I recommend trying to use the recruits and fisherman as much as possible, musketeer can also be used as long as you protect her and keep her alive as long as possible.

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As I mentioned above miner is a good unit to use to help support a lot of other cards inside this deck. However he can also be used in single elixir to snipe ranged units like the princess, dart goblin, magic archer etc. Today's pro will also use this card defensively to distract units like mega knight.

Royal Recruits

Recruits can be used to help clog up both lanes and also help to defend at the bridge. They're a good option to use against support cards in beat down decks. Try to protect them from splash units as much as possible, you can use them defensively to handle one lane and use the other recruits to help apply opposite lane pressure.

Giant Snowball

Snowball is an extremely versatile spell that can be used in many situations. It's knock back ability works well against hog rider, ram rider, balloon, inferno dragon and battle ram while its slow effect can be helpful in winning battles at the bridge or allowing your balloon to get an extra shot on the opponents towers. It can also be used to take our smaller units like skeletons, bats and goblin, this makes it a good counter to skeleton barrel and also a goblin barrel, if there isn't a unit tanking tower damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you shouldn't play too aggressively until you know what deck the opponent is playing. Try to activate your king tower with the fisher man at the earliest opportunity like today's pro does in the video. The best starting plays with this deck is the miner, heal spirit or minions. If your opponent uses a musketeer in the back followed by another air targeting unit then try applying pressure with the balloon because chances are they're won't be able to defend.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try to build up a strong counter push that can overwhelm your opponent or force them to make a negative elixir trade, if they're over defending keep rinsing and repeating and eventually you'll break through! You can also apply opposite lane pressure if your confident your defensive units can handle the opponent push, this works well against graveyard decks.

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