Ash posted 2 months ago

Today I welcome Jax on the channel who is playing this off-meta deck that is actually incredibly strong.... it's almost a perfect counter to a beat down deck, the pekka is a catalyst to start out a beat down style push with support cards behind her. Try to defend and counter push with this deck, use your spells to support your units and help keep them alive as long as possible. The magic archer and electro wizard are strong support cards and should also be protected on defence as much as possible, try not to give your opponent spell value when using these cards.

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Ram Rider

Ram rider might seem like over kill however her snare ability is actually a strong defensive tactic that also provides you with a strong counter push. She's great at helping you defend against balloon. Try to save her to surprise your opponent, she can also be used to pressure opposite lane if your opponent commits all their elixir on defence in one lane.

Magic Archer

Magic archer can offer a lot of defensive value due to his long range, try to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible, this can help bait out spells like fireball or lightening. In double elixir you can start to use this card more aggressively at the bridge to support your pushes, placing this card correctly will also allow his arrows to chip away at the opponents towers.

Mega Knight

Mega knight is another strong defensive unit that great at helping deal with your opponents support cards, his enter the arena ability can be used to push back hog rider, ram rider, battle ram etc. He can be paired with your spells to help take down a night witch.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I recommend waiting for the opponent to make the first play, you can use your ram rider, magic archer or e-wiz freely during in single elixir, if you use ram rider try to have zap in cycle to support her and increase the chances of her connecting to the opponents tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start supporting your pushes even more and even apply opposite lane pressure against decks like giant sparky. Sometimes you have to tower trade due to the average elixir cost of this deck. Keep up the pressure and use the right support cards to break through their defence. Good luck with this deck everyone check out the video to see Jax talking us through how to play this deck against different match-ups.

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