Ash posted 2 months ago

Today we have TRB Shary on the channel sharing this royal hog bridge spam deck that has the mega knight which is one of the strongest cards in the game right now! This deck has a element of fireball bait due to the magic archer, hogs and even the e-wiz, try to avoid giving your opponent too spell value but you should pressure with the hogs when their fireball is out of cycle. Heal spirit and log are both great support cards to use along side the hogs. Remember this is a bridge spam deck so defend and counter push against beat down, miner cycle etc and against graveyard try to apply opposite lane pressure. You can units you will rely on for offence is the hogs and bandit, the rest should mainly be used on defence. You your log and heal spirit as cycle cards to allow you to get back to this units you need quicker, try to get value from these two cards as you're cycling through your deck.

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Mega Knight

This guy is absolutely dominating the meta right now due to the season boost. Her's enter the arena ability and high HP makes him great on defence and can easily handle support cards while your cage kites their tanks. Try to counter push with him if he has enough HP, you can support him with magic archer and e-wiz if required. Against x-bow use your mega knight behind the king tower when the opponent goes with a defensive x-bow, then try to build up a push to over whelm the opponent.

Goblin Cage

Bomb tower is one of the most important defensive units in this deck, it can be used to perfectly counter a hog rider, battle ram and is also great at kiting units into the centre of the arena. The goblin brawler can also be used as a mini tank for your magic archer or royal hogs.

Magic Archer

Use the magic archer to support your other units especially if the opponent has low - medium hp support cards. You can use this guy to bait out the fireball and you can help force the fireball out of the opponents hand by protecting this guy from any troops

Early Stage Gameplan

Starting plays with this deck are fairly straight forward I prefer to either cycle the heal spirit or play this bandit at the bridge, you can also use a magic archer or cage depending on your card cycle. As with every match up it's important to learn what deck your opponent is playing, if you recognise they don't have a good counter in cycle or they're low on elixir then apply pressure and try to take a tower early.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try to build up a counter push that can overwhelm the opponent if your haven't already taken a tower. Against decks with a few counters to your hogs you might need to apply dual lane pressure. Keeping chipping away with your log while protecting your magic archer from troop cards. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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