Ash posted 3 years ago

Today we welcome Juicy J back on the channel sharing this graveyard deck which has the newly buffed bowler which is incredibly strong! This deck is pretty similar to the old school splash-yard deck, you should play very defensively and focus on building up a strong counter push to over whelm the opponent. You can often come back from a tower damage disadvantage in double elixir if you can successfully build a strong counter push. Use your splash units to get as much value as possible, bowler is a slow moving unit and is great against spawner decks decks because he can deal with their units while you build up your elixir. This deck has four spells, which you only really see in graveyard decks, barb barrel is a good cycle card if you have four spells in hand. Barb barrel will also be your main counter to a skeleton barrel or goblin barrel once you've activated your king tower. Electro wizard is a medium hp unit, try to protect him to get maximum value from his stun mechanic. He is a strong counter to bridge spam, bait and also can help you win the battle of the bridge. His enter the arena ability means you can take out bats, skeletons or reset a sparky, inferno tower or a charging ram rider or battle ram.

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Freeze is a very versatile card that can be used defensively in single elixir and used more aggressive in double elixir. Against heavy beat down decks you can pull their units together with the tornado and then freeze, this will allow your splash units time to shut down their push and also give you a better counter push opportunity.


Graveyard is your main win condition and should be used very patiently, often you will only need one successful graveyard push to win the match. For the most optimal tower placement check out the video to see where Juicy J plays this card. You can use it defensively against a sparky or pekka but this should only be done if you don't have any other counters in cycle.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon has always been a strong card to use inside a graveyard deck, he can be used on defence and then used on the counter push where this card can tank tower damage for the spawning skeletons. Baby Dragon and e-wiz are also your main defensive units against air so if you're against a balloon cycle or lava hound deck try to always have one of these units in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you aim to activate your king tower with the tornado at the earliest opportunity. Play passively and react to what the opponent does, don't over commit and only apply pressure on the counter push. I recommend saving freeze until double elixir to surprise your opponent. Playing bowler or inferno dragon in the back are good plays to make because they're slow moving and allow you time to recoup some elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should be aiming to build up that tower destroying counter push if you haven't already. Use your spells to support your units and keep up the pressure at the bridge when you have that elixir advantage. Good luck with this deck everyone, check out the video to see Juicy J coach me through the basics of this deck!

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