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Today we have Leo Vargas on the channel sharing this log bait deck that he's used to reach top 200 ladder! This deck has the highest win % in bait decks right now and is extremely strong on defence due to the rascals and the canon cart. You can also see that the snowball has replaced the log which makes it slightly more free to play friendly and also gives you a stronger defence against air decks. If you are up against an air deck try to keep your rascals in cycle the help you defend, you can try to bait out the small spells with the princess, spar goblins or goblin barrel to prevent the opponent countering your rascals so easily. Generally with this deck you should play reactive to the opponent and you can combine the goblin barrel with various tanks throughout the match. Leo Vargas will often apply dual lane pressure throughout the match, this makes it harder for your opponent to defend and reduces the units they have in one lane for their counter push.

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Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is your main win condition inside this deck, though they're easily countered they can deal a ton of damage if you can catch your opponent with out a good counter in cycle. Sometimes you need to apply some use this card to apply offence in order be able defend, this is particularly important against beat down decks.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart is one of my favourite cards in the game, it's unique and works very well on defence and provides you with a huge counter push opportunity and can be used as a mini tank for the goblin barrel or the princess. Due to its range it can be used to help defend the opposite lane if you play it in the centre of the arena. This card will also be your main defensive unit against siege decks, protect it from troops as much as possible to get maximum value from this card.


Princess will mainly be used defensively, try to stack her up as much as possible and protect her from troops, this will potentially force a spell from your opponents cycle. If you're against an x-bow deck you should use her at the bridge to try and bait out their Tesla. She can be played behind the king tower to help you defend against a graveyard, this keeps her out of freeze/poison range, you just need to block their tank at the bridge.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a princess in the back, spear goblins at the bridge or an offence goblin barrel. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and try to bait out their small spells as much as possible. Defensive princess are hard to deal if you protect them from your opponents troops, try to keep her and the canon cart alive for as long as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should be confident what the deck the opponent is playing and what small spells they're using which can be used to counter your goblin barrel. Remember to keep up the dual lane pressure and try to avoid giving your opponent spell value on defence unless you're trying to bait out a spell. You will often be looking to rocket cycle the opponent towards the end of match or into over time, ideally their towers should be around 1400 HP, I highly recommend learning the tower damage your spells do to avoid losing a match by 1 hp. Good luck with this deck everyone remember to check out the video to see today's pro dominating top level ladder with this deck.

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